• The internet has millions of trading strategies: We are not providing any super secret product.
  • No one knows if these strategies work: But WE do! We can test most major strategies within reason.
  • Traders are trading blind: Without knowing if a strategy works or not, you are throwing darts at a blank wall.
Trading Strategies are Everywhere! 
Now You can test them in about 5 seconds!
Many trading websites say...
This is just a funny... Nothing more. NOT affiliated with snopes.
...but exactly how often does this even work?
I mean really think about it. Would you trade a strategy that doesn't work? How do you know if it works or not... because some dude on the internet said it does? Test it! Prove him right! Prove yourself right! Better yet... Prove them wrong! Become a strategy investigator and find out what actually works and what doesn't & do it in record time!
Put Them to the Test!!
Nerd Info - Parameters: USDJPY H1 Chart, 50 pip Take profit & 50 pip Stop Loss, 
14 period RSI Overbought 70/ Oversold 30
  •   What if you knew? On a 5 minute chart, this strategy only wins about 45% of the time. Trading on this information alone is bad advice.
  •   Test with various parameters! They say that high volume increases your chances so after looking, my probabilities went up by 3% to a 48% win rate. This is still no good. 
  •  Dig Deeper. We all hear that multi time frame analysis will help increase probabilities. If your RSI is trending on the daily, your win rate now sits at around 60% by using it.
 Question. How do we test these strategies?  - Answer. The probability Tool Suite
You can then take any Signal and turn it into a strategy...
Your first strategies will resemble this...
Most strategies you test from the internet will look like the picture below. You will find a few that are ok but the vast majority will be losing propositions. This actually gives you an edge! You can take these losing strategies and tweak them. Test and retest by using different indicators, different time frames, and more!
But SOON you may find many like this!
After searching, figuring, calculating, changing parameters, etc... eventually you will come up with your own perfect strategy. It's works. You have tested it inside and out and it's rock solid.
Now, THAT is something worth checking out!
Don't have a lot of time?
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What's my risk?
1. Trading account risk Start with a demo account first. When you become profitable in demo, you may move to live trading. The risk is $0.

2. $200-$500 Risk Are you mentally prepared to lose a few hundred dollars, as 'tuition', fees, memberships, etc... in the event that it takes  longer than anticipated?

3. 10 cents per pip ($1 to $5 per trade? ). Trading forex offers 10 cents per pip and trading binaries can be done for as little as $5 for OTM contracts.
That's It! (~$200-$500) ...less risk than almost any startup out there.