What Is The TraderBot Marketplace Tool Suite?

  • Our Tool Suite is a package of 12 proprietary indicators developed by Ryan Herron and Matthew Renner. This will tell you vital information about every single trade you take from now on.

  • This Tool Suite includes many indicators that traders know and love. Indicators like RSI, MACD, Stochastic, Ichimoku, Bollinger Bands and proprietary indicators like the Trend Arrows and Bar Run.

  • Our TraderBot Marketplace Tool Suite has a distinct advantage; it gives you signals based on the indicator you chose and shows you the win probabilities for targets on every signal.

  • You can quickly back test the results of the signal over 1000’s of signals in seconds.

  • Here’s the bottom line. You will know the win probability of every trade you take before you take it, allowing you to “cherry pick” your trades and better manage your risk. This makes the Tool Suite perfect for Binary Options trading.

Binary Options Signal Results –

Based upon the Tool Suite

TraderBot Marketplace Tools work for Stocks, Futures, Forex and Binary Options trading.

Ready To Start Trading With Our Tool Suite?

Trade stress-free when you know the win probability on every trade.

*These tools are included free with the Joaquin Trading Signals or our EVERYTHING subscription!

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What Will These Tools Show You?

  • How often any number of ITM, OTM, or ATM strikes will win or lose. How often forex profits.
  • How often the strikes will touch an OTM strike. Perfect for low-risk trades.
  • How often an ITM strike will expire profitably. Make money even if the market doesn’t move.
  • How often a strike will touch and then reverse to expire profitably.
  • Different strike intervals for forex and CFTC regulated binary options.
  • Choose your own expiry. Unlimited choices from 1 minute to daily timeframes.
  • How many trades you want to look back. See the past 5 signals as well as the past 1,000!
  • Exact probabilities for every strike. The mathematics are done for you. Just click and view.
  • Maximum consecutive wins. These are great for all types of trading.
  • Maximum consecutive losses. These will show you when to stay out of the market.

And More!

 Here is a video showing you how to collect 40 pips a day using our Trend Arrows indicator.

Sample Live Results

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The Tool Suite can be used for Nadex, Cantor Exchange, Forex, Stocks, Futures, Options, or the price of rice in China.

Learn how to read probabilities in record time and without using a calculator!

Just How Profitable Have The Tools Been?



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In May of 2016, Ryan Herron unveiled the TraderBot Marketplace Probability Tool Suite at The Rob Booker Trading Conference.