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This free trading course is designed to simplify the art of trading so that you can understand the market better. At the end, you will know more, about the markets, than 95% of traders out there!

Welcome to The Foundation!

If you have ever taken a trading course, many of them are a bore. This course is extremely entertaining while teaching your more than most traders will ever learn about the markets.

We may be using references from our own tools in here but all of the information shown can be used, regardless of if you use OUR tools or not. This course is not meant to sell our products but to teach new traders how the market works.

What’s Inside:

  • Fun Trading Facts and statistics
  • The information that is relevant… No Fluff
  • Things that might just ruffle your feathers
  • Other things that will give you that WOW moment
  • …and a boat load more!

Just click on the first module and then you can just scroll through each one at the end of the module. Take notes along the way! You will want to write down what you learn so you can refer to it later. Are you ready? Let’s get started!


Section 1

What is a trading disclaimer?

What is trading?

What is forex?

What are futures?

What are options?

What are binary options?

What are stocks?

What is a Fish Pool, Cryptocurrency, ETF, Bond, etc?

What is the pattern day trader rule and how do i get around it?

What is the difference between FREE and PAID trading courses?

Section 2

How do I avoid internet scams?

What is a chart?

What is a pip, point, tick?

What types of price representations are there?

What trading terminal do I use?

What is rollover, margin, bid/ask, and leverage?

What is a share, a lot, a contract?

Section 3

What type of blankety blank order do I use?

What are some conspiracies and more?

What is fundamental analysis?

What is technical analysis?

What is support/resistance?

What is multiple time frame analysis?

What is Trend Fading VS. Trend Following?

What is an indicator and oscillator?

Section 4

The Basics of Binary Options in 27 Minutes

How are binary options and vanilla options priced?

What is a straddle?

What is a butterfly?

How do I take profit on an OTM or ITM trade?

What is the difference between regulated/unregulated?

How do I trade with Cantor Exchange?

How do I trade with Nadex?

Section 5

Why do most traders fail?

Why should I keep a trading journal?

Why do trends follow Newtons Law?

Will you follow the crowd?

Would you murder someone for a trade?

What is the phrase, “You don’t know what you don’t know”?

What is fear, greed, pain, pleasure?

Why do traders succeed? (a traders journey)

How long will it take?

Section 6

Who is Hottie Miss Martingale?

What is a chart pattern?

What are Support are Resistance?

What are trend lines?

What is a double top/double bottom?

What is a flag?

What is a triangle?

What is consolidation?

What is a head and shoulders pattern?

What is an expanding wedge?

What are Fib levels?

What is a Japanese Candlestick Pattern?

Section 7

What is a probability?

How do I calculate probability?

Is a win 100% win rate possible?

What are some examples of probabilities in action?

Negative risk to reward is OK if done properly.

Averaging down is OK if done properly.

You don’t have to pay attention to the news!

Buy High and Watch it Fly!

Section 8

What is manual trading vs. automated trading?

How do I avoid a bad a trading strategy?

How do I choose a great trading strategy?

The 10 steps to back testing properly

Creating a Strategy from Random Information