Forex Robot Testing and Collaboration

(For Experienced traders Only)

  • What do we actually do here?

This program is for traders who have been involved in the market for a few years. If you are a newbie, this is NOT the room for you unless you are willing to work hard to learn about the markets along with us.

How many times have you had an idea that you thought would work but you didn’t know how to make sure? This is exactly where we come in. We have expert trader that test, configure, and implement trading ideas every day and we work with you to get these going on your own trading terminal as well. Shave years off your learning curve!

  • What is a Forex Robot?

A trading robot is a software program that will take trades, on your behalf, even while you are away from your computer. All functions are performed automatically, with no direct involvement from you.

  • How simple are they?

As with anything that is worthwhile, our trading robots take time to dial in. Once they are honed, these robots are very simple to use for the experienced trader. As you work with other traders and collaborate on ideas, you will see what works and what does not. Improve your skills every day by posting your trades or watching the trades of others.

  • What are the mechanics behind the Forex Robots?

Years and years of research and development are the main ingredients inside every one of our products. We can not share our proprietary algorithms with the public of course but we will not offer anything that has not performed extremely well in our laboratory. We spend thousands of hours perfecting each product so that the majority can profit with little to no worry. As with anything, if you follow directions, your results may, most likely, be fantastic.

Ready To Start Collaborating with others?

It is VERY effective to learn with others, test ideas, and trade with our robots; the hardest part is testing theories!

*Includes the TraderBot Marketplace Chat Room Free!

Robot Collaboration $3.25 per day

TraderBot Forex Robots work for Forex Markets and are only available on Metatrader 4 (MT4).

How profitable have the Forex Robots been?

Below are actual results from clients with live accounts.

Most clients are extremely profitable. Some clients choose to try various setups that are not as profitable but one thing you will not see here… You won’t encounter blown out accounts if you follow instructions.

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Click here to see results in real time.

Ready To Start Trading With Our Forex Robots?

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*Includes the TraderBot Marketplace Chat Room Free!

Get with a team that will back you for $3.25 per day

Step 1: We create.

Our instructors spend thousands of hours investigating ideas and theories. We bring these ideas to our members after extensive back testing has been completed. We do not bring robots to members that have no basis in profitability. Step 2 involves trying to maximize the returns.

Step 2: Collaborate.

Once a rbot has been tested, we bring the ideas and written code to you to test and implement. These robots have proved successful in extremely rigorous testing. The job of members is to talk about and try out different functions, optimizations, and create the best overall performance.

Step 3: Run the Robots

This step involves running the robots until they prove to be unsuccessful. We try to squeeze every ounce of profit from everything we create. While we are running the robots, instructors and members are beginning at Step 1 again. It’s a constant cycle that keeps revolving.

10-20% Annual Returns are not good enough for us!

The benchmark of top trading firms is around 10%-20% per year. As active traders, we strive for 30%, 50%, 100% or more. Check our results page.

You Can Check Our Results Here.

Every trade is accessible

To be a top performer, analyze your trades and see exactly how every profit and loss happened.

Minimal Draw Down. Maximum profits!

We attempt to keep draw downs low and profits steady.

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Collaboration makes your life easier.

Our programmers are the best in the industry!

We have programmers that can write just about anything we throw at them.

We keep track of profits and losses to see the entire picture.

Stay up to date with your P/L and track the performance. We only keep high quality products.

Share ideas with other real traders.

Maybe you want to try a different configuration. We have a staff and members that will assist you..

All This For Only $3.25 per day

Robot Testing and collaboration

Proven Results

Trades While You Can’t

Trades Using Risk Management

Training Videos & Mentors

Quick Setup Manuals

Dedicated Chat Room

Technical Help

One-on-One Mentoring

*Does not include Forex Signals or TraderBot Tool Suite

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