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What’s it like to spend a day with Richard Jaycobs, President of Cantor Exchange?

What’s it like to spend a day with Richard Jaycobs, President of Cantor Exchange?

Story Re-posted from 2015:

Yesterday, I had a great day! My local traders meetup group was having a little meeting at my house and we had a fantastic guest speaker. Richard Jaycobs, president of Cantor Exchange and one of the veterans of the markets spent all day with me and stayed over to talk with traders from all over the Knoxville Tennessee area. Here is how it all went down…

First of all, Richard has an extensive history with the markets. He worked along side Paul Tudor Jones, one of the wall street legends. He founded the first internet based futures exchanges. He worked for the New York Cotton exchange and was a managing director at Finex, among other things. He is currently the president of Cantor Exchange, a wholly owned subsidiary of the financial services firm, Cantor Fitgerald.

Here is a picture of Richard, myself, and my son in his underwear.

One of the things I was most impressed with was the generosity of Cantor Exchange. They are out to work with all kinds of trading related businesses. When a trading exchange sends the president to your house to ask YOU how they can serve you, then this is an amazing thing.  So why did he come to my house?

I had recently met Richard and Rod Drown (managing director at Cantor Exchange) at a traders conference. I approached Rod and the very first words that came out of my mouth were, ” If you can do what you say you can do, then I can bring 1,000 traders your way.” Now at the time, I had no clue how fast the Cantor Exchange brand would spread through word of mouth alone but I was bound and determined to find out more.

So I started messing with trades on the exchange and researching and found out that these guys are sitting on a goldmine of awesomeness for the retail trader. Some of the ways you can trade on the exchange just blew me away! I was hooked, as are many other traders so I sat down and wrote out a 40+ page document on my thoughts about the exchange and how I saw it from an outsider. Yep, forty flipping pages! Click and away it went to the execs at CX. (By the way CX stands for Cantor Exchange).

So long story short, I had a series of talks with Rod and he asked me if it was ok if Richard Jaycobs flew down to see me for the day. I politely said, ” Of course it is ok. I would be happy to talk with him.” Inside, I was like a kid in a candy store because I actually caught the attention of someone that wanted to hear my ideas.

So the day came. (Actually that day was yesterday July 13, 2015). Richard arrived promptly on time and we sat at my kitchen table and talked back and forth for 5 straight hours. We went through my ideas list one by one. If I thought something at the exchange was bunk, I let him know. If he thought one of my ideas was garbage, he let me know. We disagreed on a few things and agreed on a whole lot of things.

When we were tired from sitting, we would walk into my trading office and look at charts. I had told him about designing an indicator for trading on the exchange and he wanted to see it. We took a couple of short breaks and then went right back at it. Idea after idea. Line by line. Taking notes and crossing things off. I even got to interview Richard for a Youtube special coming up soon.

One of the most amazing things is the fact that Cantor Exchange wants to work with traders. They are not stuck up and have their nose in the clouds like several other exchanges. I remember calling and emailing a competitor exchange about an idea I had that would have been great and never once received a reply of any sort. Point Blank, Cantor Exchange is willing to talk with the little man.

So anyway, getting back to my story… after hours and hours of talking, the doorbell rang. Lo and behold, it was a member of one of my facebook groups. This guy, Steve Cole AKA Ole’ Dude as decribed by his high school students, is just about as country as they come. His accent is about as thick as molassas on a winter night. Now Steve was interested in the exchange and Richard talked right along with him and took his ideas as well… By the way, I just found out that Steve is now a Cantor Exchange trader, as of today. I assume he liked what he heard last night.

The doorbell rang again and here they came one after another, trader after trader filled my house with smiles and laughs. Not one of them had on a suit and tie… This is Tennessee by the way.

Then the vittles were on the table and everybody had plate. Boy, was it good. The smell of the food filled the house until after I lit the burners to keep the food warm and the house started to smell like a gas factory for a few minutes. We had pork BBQ, Rotisserie chicken, Mashed taters, Brown beans, Corn salad, Green bean casserole, Cheesecake bites, fudge, Cornbread muffins, and rolls. This was a feast for an old southern boy such as myself.

As all the traders were eating and sitting wherever they could find a spot, the speaking part came and I stood up and tried to talk but everyone was so engaged in their conversations that no one even heard what I was saying Haha! So I gave them a few more minutes to chow down and then I, along with Richard attempted to explain the basics of the exchange and answer questions, mostly coming from Troy.

Now Troy is a friend of mine that works for Ninjacators so obviously he overtook the entire line of questioning almost and started firing off. One right after another the questions came. I answered a few but Richard answered most of them. Now Troy was creating some pretty powerful questions that would have made me feel a bit humbled but Richard just fired back the answer as easy as you could think and answered each and every question that was asked.

Look at the picture above. Richard is showing everyone how to play an air guitar. Just kidding, he is actually answering questions.

All in all, here is the deal. The Cantor Exchange has plans so great that I am so excited to be a part of it all. They want to create a trading experience that is the absolute best possible. They want to allow everyone access to the exchange in ways that are so simple that anyone would understand. They want to create products that traders want. Best of all, they want to hear ideas from you. If you have an idea that would make the exchange a better place to trade, let them know.

For more information about Cantor Exchange, or if you would like to get updates and talk with others about the exchange, please visit or if you would like to sign up for a trading account, visit CXMARKETS.COM

So what’s all the fuss about? What makes Cantor Exchange so awesome?? You just stay tuned, join the facebook group and watch this thing unfold. You will be blown away soon! Below is a small sample of things to come…

1. Write your own binary options contracts at ANY strike you want
2. No minimum deposit
3.  All contracts are only $1 allowing smaller traders to participate in the market

Now many of the most awesome things, I can not mention at this time but you just wait!

THE DAPP LIST- 100+ Blockchain ‘People Products’ Available NOW!

THE DAPP LIST- 100+ Blockchain ‘People Products’ Available NOW!

What’s a ‘People Product’?

Lots and Lots of cryptocurrency coins look like greek to most people. They use fancy words like ‘decentralized block chain technology tangle of the hashgraph programming blah blah blah’. Hey guess what? Normal people don’t understand that shit.

Normal people don’t think like programmers, MIT graduates, or Nobel laureates. Your every day, run of the mil, mom or pop will probably never use any technology that doesn’t feel comfortable to them. In essence, a ‘People Product’ is something that your average person can use. This may include things like social media, web browsers, email, banking, shopping, etc.. These type of things are already being created by the truck load.

What would you DAPP, if given the chance?

 A ‘DAPP‘ is an abbreviated form for decentralized application. Dapps run code on a decentralized network that is also p2p or peer to peer.

What Decentralized App would you make?

Seriously I would like to know so I can call a few programmers and make bank! LOL.

Would you…

  1. make a social media site?
  2. let people borrow your unused mobile data?
  3. rent your unused hard drive space?
  4. create an advertisement free web browser that’s faster than any other browser?
  5. start a decentralized type of YouTube where ‘the man’ can’t delete your channel?
  6. pay people to blog?
  7. sell fishing bait? LOL
  8. Mine coins inside games?
  9. Create spam free email?
  10. sell photo authentication for the insurance industry?

Well you can but these are already created, up, and running now! There are, literally, hundreds of these. You can see them on THE DAPP LIST by clicking on the the picture below.

I conducted a survey of people and asked them what a Dapp was. The answers I got ranged from ‘A diaper for late adopters’ to ‘Digital App’ but it seemed like this term is still not widely known in the trading community.

Add Fuel to the Fire!

DAPPs are part of the fuel that drives new investors. Think about it this way… If you are going to invest in a company that has a hypothetical product planned for the future or one that is already completed, which would you choose, all other things being equal? Of course, you will choose the company that has a product.

If a company has a product that is already up and running, (like for example… I don’t know…maybe something like… STEEMIT?) and people are already engaged and interacting and creating connections, don’t you think that is something you should be looking into?

People like Things, Widgets & Doohickies!

Usable products are whats needed to propel this crypto market to new highs. Without these products, the crypto market would eventually die. I don’t see this happening though because hundreds of billions of dollars are pouring into this arena. Some of the companies in THE DAPP LIST have raised hundreds of millions in funding. This is no laughing matter. Check them out!

My request to you is that you look at some of these companies and create your own blog or report that will help even more people learn about these opportunities… and thus skyrocketing the price.

Leave a comment about a DAPP you would like to see on the market. I will constantly search for them.


Don’t Fall for Crypto Click Bait!

Don’t Fall for Crypto Click Bait!

This is the type of posts you read all over the internet… Pure speculation. Allow me one question.

Why did you click on this post?

Was it due to you thinking that I had some type of inside information about Bitcoins or the Winkelvoss Twins? Nope. This is how click bait gets you. I never mentioned the Winkelvoss twins but it sounded like I was getting ready to talk about them. For all you know, I was referring to Rip Van Winkel and his brother Frank.

I will dive into the topic of click bait in this report.

Some of the things I will touch upon are:

  1. How all these shit coins rope you in
  2. Why Most ICO’s are crap
  3. How many cryptos on Coin Market Cap are outright scams?
  4. What does this mean for the market?

How Many Shit Coins are there?

Last week, I dove in and did what i didn’t see others doing. I investigated every single crypto on coin market cap… All 1,500 of them. I wanted to find out if any company was legit or not. I had heard all the rumors about how the entire crypto market is going down.

What I found shocked me to the core! I learned stuff that I will share with you, over the course of time. This stuff really amazed me and showed that this market is not going away for a long long time… if ever. There is so much opportunity and this will be the largest wealth transfer in history.

To begin painting the picture, however, we need to talk about what’s wrong with this industry. There are a lot of crappy companies out there. Many scams are happening as we speak, as well. You have to be very careful.

Out of the 1,500 Cryptos I researched on Coin Market Cap, I estimate that half of them will eventually fail. This is not a bad thing. It is just an unregulated thing that no one talks about. If half of them fail, the rest should do well. In essence, I estimate that these half that will become junk are similar to any new asset in any new market. It happens.

No matter what new market that pops up in the future, we will have scammers and stupid companies that do not need to be operating. The market will eventually sort them out and then they will go away.

You can’t make a Crypto ‘Go Away’.

Due to the decentralized nature of cryptos, they will not cease to exist. You can’t actually kill some of them. They are distributed across thousands or millions of computers and to actually make them disappear, you would have to shut down and uninstall this software on every computer simultaneously. Sorry but it ain’t gonna happen.

No government or entity can stop this crypto train. It is impossible without an EMP burst and I don’t think government leaders want their families to go without internet or cable TV so this i highly unlikely.

The shit coins will die out so much, however, that only a select few traders will want to mess with them.

How do Shit Coins Suck you in?

Fancy Marketing. That’s all. They have no intention of creating anything of value. They create something that looks good or maybe not. People just keep falling for it over and over.

Where’s the proof?

Below, I have compiled just a handful of screenshots just to prove a point. The pictures here are only about 10% of similar content on Coin Market Cap. I would click on a coin, check their website, and see what came up. Here are some sample of the worst. I will add my commentary on them as well.

One thing we have to remember is that in order for a coin to make it, they have to:

  1. Have a usable product that is different than other products
  2. Have a working website
  3. Be distributed
  4. Just work


Its February. Where are you?

What does this have to do with money?

Some coins don’t even have a website. This one send you to google. lol

Can you not even make a custom URL?

No website here!

or here!

Are you seeing the trend here?

So i challenge you. go to and look up some of the cheapest coins. Scan through about 30 of the cheapest ones. You will be surprised. a few will be legit and then the others… well, you tell me what you find. Like my reports

No website again.

Haha Really?

These guys made a wix account but were too lazy to do anything with it.

These dudes will admit they don’t care.

Whatever… This is stupid and you know it.


Um Yeah I wanna buy a PUT. Bwahaha They must not trade.

Wait! Didn’t we see something similar with a different company above?

Another Non Site


And Another…

How about some Devil Coins? What a joke!

Or some anarchy coins?

I call Scam City!!!

They must have forgotten…

They tell you NOT to buy this! lol

Another broken site again…

Here’s one.

These guys have a problem… don’t know what it is…want you to fix it for them…and oh yeah also keep buying their coins.

They are not paying attention.

What does this have to do with anything? Why cant Bitcoin, Litecoin, Stellar, or any other coin work?

Always Do Evil!!!!!

Wanna get some action, do ya?

I don’t even know. Paste a pretty girl and hope they buy, maybe?

Frikken Unicorn Dream!

If it’s decentralized, then what does it matter?

Yay! Aliens!

Really? Trump Coin? This has NOTHING to do with cryptos! SMH

These guys don’t even worry about putting together a website.

Screw Dogecoin! We will create a cat! Suuuuurrreee….

A bleepity bleep coin about Garlic?

Yep These paintings have something to do with crypto… NOT



Dear Lord.


Doge is already lite. How lite can it go?

How about APE coin or Elephant Coin?

Hang Ten? Hang Ten for what?

Welcome to the Feature!!!!

Wanna buy a crypto website for $3,500?

I am sick of writing now.





“One Eyed Billy” – A Crypto Trader Short Story

“One Eyed Billy” – A Crypto Trader Short Story

This story is fiction.

This is the story of One Eyed Billy. The year is 2011.

As a young lad (as they say at the beginning of cheesy stories), Billy wanted nothing more than to strike it rich! Hit the Big Time! Bathe in dollar bills and champagne! Run naked through Times Square and not give a damn!

You see… Billy grew up in a world of absolute shit. His childhood years were a mixture of verbal and physical abuse. Billy was often embarrassed of going to school for fear the other kids would pick on him, as well. The thoughts of suicide entered his mind almost every day.

As Billy grew older, he desired to make something of his life and began working at ‘McDaniels Restaurant’. Hour after hour, he flipped those burgers and hated every minute of it. Nonetheless, he was bound and determined. Day after day, he would count his few crinkled dollars that he managed to save.

Week after week, those few dollars turned into a few more… then a few more.

After about a year, Billy saved a whopping $1,000. This is more money than he had ever seen in his life. Awesome imaginations of everything he could buy with his wealth began consuming his every thought. He needed more and more and more.

Billy continued to work his fingers to the bone, picking up extra shifts. He would ask for extra duty… saving every penny he could along the way.

About 3 years into his journey, Billy was rolling right along. He made it to a general manager of the restaurant and was happy as a lark. He had made it! “McDaniels will be my future! I am secure! I have my 401K and my medical insurance.”

That year, McDaniels abruptly went out of business, due to some diseased beef outbreak or whatnot. Billy thought he was fine. He had some savings and began to look for a new job. He became more and more depressed as the weeks went along. No one needed a manager and he didn’t want to start at the bottom again. His luck was running out.

In order to pay the bills, he had to dig more and more into his savings. Worry and paranoia set in. before long, Billy’s savings account got down to about $5,000. Crying out to God, one night, he prayed…

” What do you want from me?!?! I try and try and you always rip it out from under me! All I want is a life!!!!” – One Eyed Billy

In fact, his kitchen table looked like this…

One Eyed Billy Takes his Eye Patch off…

Billy began looking…searching… like a mad man. Every waking moment was spent trying to figure out a way to make some money. Billy wasn’t concerned about a little money. He wanted something that was life transformational, something that would be THE home run hit of his life.

Frustrated with all of the scams, like bogus network marketing or selling pre-paid phone cards and even fake penny stocks, he saw something that caught his eye. It was a small advertisement in the corner of his screen that said something about a little known movement called ‘Bitcoin’.

What the crap was a bitcoin? No one knew. He searched and started finding articles to explain it to him. He finally had a grasp on this newfound technology and it totally blew him away! He laughed though. He thought, ” The is technology that wont be here for another 20 years.” Even still, he was intrigued.

He made a check list of all the things this technology could change.

  • Banking
  • Charities
  • Credit
  • Housing
  • Manufacturing
  • Social Media
  • War
  • Everything!


Blown away, he decided to look at where he could get involved with this stuff and came across a little chart…

He could see price was rising but didn’t know why. Yes, of course the tech was good but were people actually buying into it? He believed in the technology and wanted to change his life. Billy even thought about, “If I buy this with my $5,000 and price goes to $10, I will be a rich man but if I buy it and it goes to zero, then I am a loser.”

As he thought, he would keep an eye on a chart of bitcoin through the next few days. It seemed as if every time he checked, prices was a little bit higher than the previous time…

Monday $0.8201

Tuesday $0.8270

Wednesday $0.8314

Thursday $0.8418

Friday $0.8326

Saturday $0.8399

Sunday $0.8472

He finally contacted his best friend and struck a deal. Jack was his childhood buddy and they shared everything. Billy trusted Jack with his life. “Hey Jack, I have a favor to ask. Blah blah blah (they had a conversation about Bitcoin yada yada)… I would like you to hang on to my bank safety deposit key for 5 years (This is where Billy would keep his Bitcoin wallet keys). Under no circumstances can you allow me to have my key for 5 years from today.” Jack agreed.

PLOP! Billy swiftly bought $5,000 worth of Bitcoin, without thinking twice about it, at this point. He had totally convinced himself that this was the future.

Billy’s eyes were opened! He now KNEW this stuff would totally disrupt the markets and everyday life for everyone on this planet. He knew that if anything, Bitcoin could change the world. This was it!

For all of Billy’s life, he had blinders on. He could not see what was right there in front of him. Bitcoin removed those blinders.

4 months later…

In 4 small months, it seemed like the blink of an eye, Billy had made a mind boggling $100,000!!! OMG! This was more money than He ever thought He would see at one time. Profoundness set in. He was totally thankful to God for this wealth and said many prayers in appreciation.

Billy thought a million dollars was right around the corner. It was so close he could taste it! The only concern was the fact that no matter how high Bitcoin grew, he could not touch the money for 5 years. He was cool with it though. It grew so fast that it couldn’t fall now… so he thought.

Unbeknownst to Billy, there was something lurking from the dark side… something Billy was totally not prepared for. You see, This little known about technology was about to take a downturn…

Darkness Consumes…

Bitcoin price started dropping… $19…$18…$15…$14…

Billy was totally scared and had mixed emotions. “I am stuck. How do I get out?” He went to his best friend and asked for the key to his saftey deposit box. Jack refused, Billy begged and begged and cried and spit and moaned. Jack stood his ground and finally convinced Billy of one thing…

“You didn’t do this to just survive. You did it to get fucking rich and change the world!” – Jack…Billy’s Best Friend

Not too long after that, Billy was in desperation. What had he done? Was he the biggest fool on the Earth? He had a fortune within his grasp and let it all fall away, as usual. He was so angry at Jack that he thought about filing a lawsuit and telling the court that Jack stole his safety deposit key and wouldn’t return it. Billy’s world was turned upside down.

Billy felt like a loser. He cried and cried until he had no more tears. He became bitter and decided to forget about bitcoin for a while. “I have nothing else to lose so I will just get another job.” This was the most disasterous thing he had ever done. He just lost $10,000, when he didn’t have a pot to piss in, in the first place!

It took every ounce of his being to start job hunting again. Desperate, he took a crappy pizza delivery driver job at Father Johnathon Pizza Palace.

Billy forgot about all this Bitcoin nonsense and would even joke,

” Wanna know how to go to Hell? Buy Bitcoin and shoot yourself in the head!” haha!”

Slowly, all this bitcoin bull crap was leaving his thoughts and soon, he didn’t even think about Bitcoin anymore. It was just one of those stupid things we all did in our younger years.

Billy just went on living his life. Delivering pizza. Watching the TV. Cleaning the house. Going on dates. Shopping at Law-Mart… you know.. the usual, every day, ho hum life of a loser that just lost it all.

Rays of Light!

One Sunday morning, the light from the sun was shining through Billy’s window, casting sparkling rays all over his mirror. This woke him up quite abruptly as the light was shining directly into his pupil, seeming to burn a hole straight through his brain. Rolling over, he checked the news on his phone and saw something that made him jump out of bed faster than cowboys can meet at high noon on Sunday!

This is what he saw…

What the Whatface! “AHA!” said the Devil on his shoulder, “You were not paying attention!” Billy immediately opened Google and typed in, “Bitcoin worth” and was shocked to his core!

Frantically calling Jack…

Jack: Hello

Billy: Jack, please, I need my key! I will split it all with you if you just give me the key!

Jack: I can’t. I wish I could be we have an agreement.

Billy: Please! Before it all goes away!

Jack: If I did this for you and price shoots up to $1,000, you will hate me forever.

Billy: I wont! I promise! Please Jack! This could set me straight, forever! Please!

Jack: I’ll tell you what. I will give you the key if you only draw out half and leave the rest.

Billy: Agreed! See you in 10 minutes.

Billy Pulls Out

As Jack and Billy were at the bank, Billy was so so happy and Jack was rather pissed off. He could not just allow a $625,000 fortune just go to zero though so he gave in. After giving Billy the key, they both drove back home. Jack stated, “I don’t wanna hear your bullshit if this think goes to $10,000.”

“Yeah right! Ha ha! Anyone who thinks this will go to $10k is a joke! I can totally see $1,000 but to be $10,000, the market cap would have to be larger than we can imagine! Now, shut your hole and get me home, Dorkface!” Jack replied, “Whore!”

They both made it home raaaan to the computer, like 2 school children running toward the playground. Over the course of that day, Jack managed to sell half of his position for about $300,000. He left 2,500 Bitcoins on the table, vowing to never touch the account again until the 5 years are up.

From this point on, Billy closely watched the price of Bitcoin like a hawk. it was an obsession. He was sooo frikken thankful that he pulled some of his money out because, even though he believed in the technology, he also knew the timing was still off. More people had to get on board!

He had made $300k and was happy but wanted to really make a name for himself. Price was disappointing him though. It was like a roller coaster… Up 50%, down 50%, up 70%, down 80% and so forth…

Every time price would fall and Billy would bitch and moan, Jack was always there to say, “Listen. Nothing is forever. Everything is temporary. Price will go back up and in a few years, you will be glad I wouldn’t allow you to withdraw.”

Billy impatiently waited for the 5 looooooong years to come so he could withdraw the rest of his money. He was giddy, even if price fell a little, he wanted that cash!

Cheech & Chong

To celebrate the new wealth, Billy, Jack, and a bunch of their friends took a road trip to Vegas. They partied hard all weekend and then the dreaded Sunday night came. Time to go home and get back to reality. Billy was excited to get home though because he was going to begin planning what he was gonna do with his new $300k.

One of Jacks friends in the back seat lit up a joint and Billy almost had a heart attack! This wacky tobaccy was bad. The ganja was of the devil, or so he had been taught growing up. Even still, Billy decided to try this evil drug as he was a little curious. Jack took the wheel, at the next rest stop, as Billy toked on his first joint. They giggled like girls, strolling along the Interstate at 37 miles per hour.

BAM! A tire blew, sending the car into the side barrier. They hit the side barrier wall with a vengeance and the car was a total loss. Billy was somewhat pissed but thought, “That’s OK. I will buy another car tomorrow. I can afford it now.”

A tow truck driver pulled up to help them. In the distance, however, Billy spotted something that sent chills up his spine! Blue lights that shone against the haze of the desert air were getting closer and closer. “Oh Shit! Everyone get rid of your stash! The cops are coming!” They forgot the ounce in the trunk that ‘no one’ knew about.

As fate would have it, since the guys were involved in an accident while smoking the wacky weed, the police officer kindly allowed all of them to participate in our criminal justice system for a while. The Big House.

California is a pretty lax state about marijuana laws so Billy only had to spend a 30 days in the slammer (I don’t know what the law is. It’s a story so stop whining! lol). As he sat in jail, reading, sleeping, trying not to get shived, we would monitor the newspaper for Bitcoin pricing. He wasn’t allow internet access so he had to rely on print.

It was so damn difficult to get a paper every day though. He would try to watch the news from time to time until Big Boy Bad Ass would flip it to the next channel. Billy gave up and decided to just forget about Bitcoin again for the next couple of weeks until he was out. There was no sense in picking a fight with the baddest dudes in there.

The day came! His time was over and Billy was super thankful and vowed never to have a Stoned Vegas Trip again! Upon walking out of the Jail and grabbing an Uber home because he didn’t have a car yet. He flipped out his phone to check prices…

Wait! What!?!?

Something must be wrong. Is price really at almost a thousand Smackeroos? He check prices on multiple outlets and yep, it was $1,000!!! He could barely wait to get home so he could look on his computer…

By the time Billy got home, price was even higher! Over $1,000 and still rocketing to the Moon! There is absolutely nothing Billy could do though. He had a contract with Jack. The date he was allowed to get to his wallet again was February 1, 2016.

The weeks and months passed. Billy kept reading about Bitcoin and all that it could offer. He was totally stoked about Feb 1 and was planning on pulling all of his money out on that day because he had made a ton! He was very pleased. Price had pulled back again but Billy was used to that now and it didn’t phase him.

When February came, Billy was trying to decide on whether to pull his money out now or hold. If he pulled his money out now, he was sitting on about $1 million and after he calculated taxes, he was not pleased. He KNEW with every ounce of all that was good and pure that this technology would change the world. He had known this from day one. Whatever was this young lad to do?

His thought process was, ” I will place a stoploss on the low and if price drops to there, I will sell and be happy.” Until then, I have to let it ride. I just have to! This is the only opportunity that will come my way in this lifetime.

So gritting his teeth, he decided to hold for at least one more year. Jack was still in jail so he had to hang on to the willpower to stay the course for just one more measly little year. He kept reminding himself, “It has to go up. It has to go up. The fundamentals are so strong.”


Over the next month, price rose to $500, then $750 and the urge to close was so horrible that he could not take it anymore. He HAD to sell some! he just had to! If he didn’t sell now, price may never be at these levels again! Screw the stoploss!

With a bittersweet decision, Billy sold 1,250 of his remaining Bitcoin. He cashed out $937,500 in the largest payday of his life! He was hoping for more but getting a little scared as price continued to rise.

He sold 625 more Coins when price breached $8,000 for an additional profit of $5 Million

He sold 300 more as price topped $15,000 for an additional profit of $4.5 Million

He still has 325 coins valued at over $3 Million at today’s prices.

The Next Adventure of Billy!

Now that Billy is loaded, he can do anything. Would you like to know all the ways Billy can change the world with his new found wealth? Would you like to paricipate? Leave a comment on something you would like to see Billy get involved with. Maybe he invests in a blockchain startup. Maybe he helps impoverished children with this tech. You will find out in the next episode!








The Boy That Cried ” Bitcoin Crash!”

The Boy That Cried ” Bitcoin Crash!”

Today, we will talk about why this ‘So Called Crash’ is nothing to worry about. We will discuss why the price keeps tanking and what to do about it.

Do you remember the story of your childhood. It’s called ‘The Boy That Cried Wolf’ and basically the legend goes like this…


Let’s look at this historically. We already know that market makers and whales are the ones who are pushing this market around. There are a few huge players that can push the Bitcoin and cryptocurrency market around right now. The reason is because the market cap is so low and they have a ton of money to play with.

They will continue to manipulate the market until more and more traders begin to buy up all these cryptocurrencies. Sooner or later, this “Crash” will be just another lip on the radar. Let’s take a stroll down History Lane…


Traders were panicking. Bitcoin had lost half of its value and people thought this was a fad. I did and would not touch it here. Boooy I wish I had jumped on board back then!

From the highs until the highs were broken again was a year and a half.

Let’s fast forward a bit…


It only took price 10 months to recover.


It took price 3 years to recover.


It took price 3 1/2 months to recover.


It took price almost 2 months to recover.


It took price about a month to recover.



This market is not over by a long shot. It is doing what it has been doing since this coin was created. It goes up and drops… goes up again and drops… goes up again and drops. It’s a pattern. It keeps happening. It may continue to happen until price reaches $100k or even $500k. Who knows?

One thing is for certain… This market is not over. It’s just beginning! – Ryan Herron

Did I just ‘Quote’ myself? Yes because I stole it from other traders who believe the exact same thing.



37 Cryptocurrency & Block Chain Predictions for 2018

37 Cryptocurrency & Block Chain Predictions for 2018

Watch the Accompanying video here:

Everyone has a dream. We all think we know what might happen. Whether or not these things happen are up in the air but what if a person has done a lot of research? This really doesn’t matter until hind sight but I am going to take a stab at it anyway.

These are my generalized predictions, based upon everything I have researched so far. Take everything with a grain of salt but I am so excited for December 2018 to come so I can look back and see if I was correct or just a flat out loser! 🙂 I will not go into all the details of why I believe these things. Please don’t base any trades upon what I say. I am just an ol redneck who probably don’t know his butt from a hole in the ground.

These are just a fun reflection of what goes on inside my mind.

2018 Predictions for Cryptocurrencies and Block Chain Tech

  1. The entire crypto market may continue to consolidate until around the middle of March and then start to show signs of upward & sustained movement. This consolidation has to happen or there will be no confidence in trading cryptos anymore. Markets move up in waves.
  2. Bitcoin may reach $60,000 and retrace back down to level off around $40,000. The ‘highs’ of around $20k may be broken around April through June.
  3. Ripple may sit at about $10 in December 2018 as banks and lending institutions continue to partner with the company.  The higher the price becomes, the less volatile it may be.
  4. Ethereum may experience some technical issues but overcome them quickly. This crypto has the potential to reach $4,500 per coin this year. Ethereum based creators may start the new ‘Social Justice’ movement ad actually try to change the world.
  5. In December 2018, the entire cryptocurrency market cap may top $2 to 3 Trillion. All we need are 2 or 3 big investment banks on board.

  6. Governments will eventually try to ban cryptocurrencies and their exchanges. They will probably fail miserably and then try to create their own coin. They will attempt regulation and some some regulation will become law. Most people will pay their taxes on their crypto holdings but a large portion will move to coins like Monero and Verge, causing dramatic price increases.
  7. The stock markets may fall in 2018 and the investors may move funds to cryptocurrency. This is not bad for the stock market but just a reallocation of funds. This would add to the crypto marketcap.
  8. The ‘Winkeltwin Bitcoin Dudes’ may begin to sell some of their position after Bitcoin reaches $50k…not enough to move the market but some just to buy toys.
  9. Venezuela may be a rising crypto-mining center. State run of course.

  10. Hundreds of ‘crypto ICO’ companies may fail miserably due to outright corruption. This may lead to another round of government involvement in mid Summer.
  11. Block chain technology will begin to infiltrate businesses all over the globe. Companies like Alibaba, Uber, Facebook, Airbnb, and Google may ALL be gunning for the first to develop their entire business model upon block chain technology.
  12. The first governmental ‘Mock Election’ may take place in 2018. This mock election will see how stable blockchain technology can be in creating failr and tamper proof elections. This may lead to every ‘stable’ country on Earth doing this over the next 10 years.
  13. A large portion of the early bitcoin millionaires that bought at $0.05 and whatnot (currently 1,600 of them) may begin to ‘cash out’. This may create a buzz of excitement as every week, we will see news stories of another person who became rich from cryptos. This may lead to additional investment in the crypto market, raising the market cap that much more.
  14. A company may arise that makes cryptocurrency transactions so simple. It will allow you to buy anything online just like you already do with paypal. Once your cryptowallets are linked, it will automatically convert whatever major crypto you want to pay with. This may work with credit cards as well. (This may turn out to be Ripple or Stellar)
  15. People may begin to want a crypto that is stable (to use as the worlds stable crypto currency). They will be looking for a cryptocurrency that doesn not fluctuate a lot like the other currencies. This may lead to a massive church membership increase, due to the ‘End Days’ and ‘One world Currency’ prophecies of most Christian denominations.
  16. Napster caused the music industry to fall hard back in the day. The block chain may allow artists to make a comeback in 2018… and not the corporate sell hards, but rather the independent artists. They may actually begin to lock their work again.
  17. Micro Loan companies will be able to start helping 3rd world countries by investing into small business directly, and with no bank involvement. The only costs may be the small fee per transaction that the company takes for facilitating the transaction. Imagine being able to help someone who normally could not be able to help themselves. This will spill over into the charity realm as well. People will be able to send money directly to a poverty stricken family, instead of sending it to a charity that skims 10-25% for ‘overhead’.
  18. Lite Coin may hit $1,000

  19. People may begin to be compassionate and start asking where their food comes from, who makes their clothes, etc… All of this can begin to be solved with the block chain in 2018. Imagine seeing a piece of fish in the store. You could potentially scan it with an app on your phone and see something like: The fish was delivered to your store 2 days ago. before that, it was shipped from Hawaii 12 days ago. Before that, it was processed 17 days ago. Before that, it was caught by the ‘Red Fisherman’ Boat #128476 or whatever 22 days ago. etc… This will change the world.
  20. Electricity costs will reach unsustainable levels, due to crypto mining. This may lead to a wave of Solar Panels and Wind Turbines. The simple purchase of these things in massive quantity may boost awareness of energy consumption, which may also pave the way for 100% of electricity consumption to be produced by the Sun. Wind, and water in the coming years. 2018 may be the start.
  21. Traders may finally get used to the wild swings in the crypto market and collectively trade in a manner that will help eliminate the wild swings by stopping their FOMO trades and begin buying when the markets fall to boost the price back up faster. The ‘Whales’ of the crypto world will begin to lose their foothold in the market by the sheer number of people getting involved.
  22. More and more millionaires may be created that will do unheard of things that will help this world so much. People, as a whole, will become more passionate toward one another and the ‘fear’ that started on September 11, 2001 will begin to fade, as the people start having more power and a larger voice. Christians, Muslims, and Jews may all ‘start’ to be able to live together without killing one another. This is a total long-shot but it may begin to happen in 2018.
  23. A persons entire medical history will be able to be stored on a block chain. A major medical company will try to greatly capitalize on this and fail. A smaller company will offer the service for a nominal fee and succeed. All hospitals, doctors offices, and any medical related company will be able to track everything from a persons medicine intake to organ donations.
  24. A special QR reader APP may become one of the most downloaded mobile apps in 2018.

  25. Old advertising companies will begin to fail as new advertising companies begin to succeed. These new advertising companies will pay people for the privilege of using their data, instead of the other way around. Pay per Click ad rates may plummet due to this type of advertising becoming ineffective. This is why Google will have to become block chain savvy in order to succeed.
  26. Some automobile manufacturing company may begin putting some type of code or whatever on every part of their vehicle so that every transaction can be traced from oil changes to brake replacement. In the beginning, the car companies will only be able to track ‘factory’ parts but as this catches on and every other car manufacturer catches on, it will snowball. In the end, you will be able to track everything about a car before you buy it and all without Carfax.
  27. The first Land title may be put on a block chain in 2018. No more title searches as they will soon fade from existence.
  28. Forecasting will become so much easier because the data will all be so simple to find.
  29. People may begin to put their cars on a block chain somewhere and begin allowing others to drive their car. My car sits unused for 95% of the day. Why not allow someone else to use it and pay me for it? Yes wear and tear is one thing but guess what? You may be able to track how fast the driver drives and even how high the engine revs. This would look bad on him because this could also be tracked on the chain. Only great drivers will rise to the top. This could be very useful in places where it is expensive to own and house a car, like a big city environment.
  30. Of course the Stock Markets of the world will go to the block chain… just not in 2018. New IPO’s though… now that’s a different story 😉
  31. Firearms may be able to be tracked on a block chain that the government controls. Again, I don’t see this happening in 2018 but I do see the foundations happening this year.
  32. One of the BIGGIES and one that will be the reason that no government will be able to shut this down will be inheritances. If I have a $1 Million bank account and I am near death in a country that want to tax my assets upon my untimely demise, I am totally converting that to crypto so that my kids wont pay that tax!
  33. Cannabis strains could be entered and tracked on a block chain technology. Every time you purchase a strain, simply scan the QR code and see its history from different breeds to the average THC and CBD levels.
  34. Screw credit reporting agencies. Credit history could be used with this tech easily. If a person pays on time, it can be verified. If they are late, it can be verified. No need for expensive reporting companies anymore.
  35. Income equality may begin to show its face… not due to governmental regulations but simply a free market that is more free than has existed since the beginning of the world. Small business will begin to talk hold again. People will continue to stop shopping with huge conglomerates that are killing the planet.
  36. Bloggers and Youtubers may begin to see their blogs skyrocket as people begin ‘tipping’ them with crypto. Simply scan your code and send them a Ripple or a partial Litecoin as an appreciation. This tipping would have no real effect on the person tipping because the tip could be set very low. For instance, If I ‘liked’ a video, I would send them 0.001 XRP which is like a 10th of a penny. I will like videos all day long and not give a damn. The person who creates the content will continue to push out content that people love because they get paid for it with likes now.
  37. Fake news may soon be eliminated. Here is how. John McNewsman prints a story. Inside of that story, I can scan a code and see all of his sources. I can go to their page and see all of the sources sources and so on. I can keep track of Johns accuracy in his reporting. Imagine I see Johns name at the top of his article and I also see 94% accurate. I might be more inclined to pay attention to that story. However if I see 47% accurate, I know that I can read that story with a grain of salt. The best part is that people can get paid by the media companies to ‘tally’ and keep track of everything their competitors say. It’s kind of like Bitcoin mining. You get paid for verifying information to be true or not. This may begin in 2018 but the real efforts may not come until 2019.


This world is getting ready to change fundamentally, from the core of the silent thoughts that resides in each human on this planet. The psychological changes that are taking place RIGHT NOW are mind boggling. People are starting up groups in their homes. people are meeting at local coffee shops to talk about cryptocurrencies. Small startups are risking it all. Large businesses are poking their heads into the game.

Ladies and Gentlemen, we are on the edge… the cusp… teetering on the brink of what I think will the the revolution that changes this planet for the better. Saddle up, hang on tight because this is going to be the ride of a lifetime! You wanna know how I giddy I am about all of this new change? Watch the following video…

The rise of Cryptocurrency has not even started yet.

The rise of Cryptocurrency has not even started yet.

Is Cryptocurrency just starting or is it in a bubble?

Before we begin, let’s take a look at what industry experts think… or thought. Were they correct? Were they wrong? Were they DEAD WRONG and could have made billions?

They were calling for a bubble then. They are still calling for it now, after it continues to rise and rise and rise. Cryptos are just not stopping. These assets are sucking people in faster than we can blink an eye.

In 2017, Cryptocurrencies of all kinds rose in value. You could actually buy a coin with no purpose and make money. I am not joking, you could throw money at, LITERALLY 90% of any cryptocurrency out there and come out 1000% to 100,000% ahead at the end of the year. Take a look! It’s insane!

If you traded $5,000 of ANY of the top 10 coins exactly 1 year ago, your returns would have been…

Note: I stole the idea about this ‘What if’ scenario from a buddy in my private crypto group on Facebook.

So what if I traded just any ol crappy coin. What would have happened? Well let’s take a look at that as well!

So if you invested in ANY of these 5, you would have netted a huge profit. I tired to choose coins that I thought would fail at only $100k market cap and coins based on nothing.

Let’s think of it this way. If returns like this happened in year 1 of cryptos, imagine if they only do 1/10th of what they did in 2017? This party is just getting started.

How does BTC compare to Alt Coins?

Look at the following charts to see a few interesting insights about how BTC or ‘Bitcoin’ is losing market share in a hige way. The Alt Coins may actually overtake BTC in marketshare soon…

After looking at those 4 charts, do you see the value of investing in some of the ‘ALT COINS’ as they are commonly called? Do you see those coins picking up steam? I foresee the alt coins actually replacing Bitcoin in value in the coming years.

How fast has the crypto-realm been growing? Well actually they remained stagnant until a few months ago. In the chart below, you can see that in 2014 all the way until 2017, they remained the same. In May of 2017, ALL of the coins jumped and they have not looked back since.

ALL cryptocurrency are growing in value and marketcap.

Some people say cryptos are in a bubble but I can smack that down with the next 3 pictures.

We compare cryptocurrency to other assets such as gold, the 50 richest people on Earth, all of the worlds bank notes and coins, and the GDP of the entire state of California.

Let’s take it a step further. It doesn’t look like a bubble yet. Let’s add in all of the worlds stock market capitalizations and the global money supply.

How about adding the value of global real estate and the global derivatives market? The derivatives market consists of all options contracts, swaps, binary options, and futures contracts holdings.


That’s not a bubble at all! Not even close!

So are we in a bubble?

According to all the stats, not only are we NOT in a bubble… but the bubble has not even started. We have just entered into stage 1 of trading. Imagine if this is the beginning of a new way of trading? It is, in my humble opinion.

Not Convinced? Let’s look at some Google Trends!

I am a forex and binary options trader and have been for years. Over the past 2 months, however, I dove right into cryptos and BOOOY am I happy! The reason is because traditional markets have become so frikken stagnant that trading has become more difficult. Cryptos changed that INSTANTLY!

Now let’s add in Cryptocurrency to the equation…

As you can see, the term ‘cryptocurrency didn’t even come onto the scene until about 8 Months ago. In those 8 months, interest has surpassed the interest of stocks, futures, and forex. This is a massive interest!

Holy Guacamole, Mexican Batman! Look at that big purple line! That represents the Google searches over the past 5 years. Do you see how the term ‘cryptocurrency’ has totally overtaken forex, futures, stocks and options? WOW!

Now it looks huge but are we in a bubble? Lord No! Look below and you will see that most people don’t even know about cryptos yet. Most of the world is still caught up with Trump and the border wall or buying garbage they don’t need on Amazon. Some others may be watching ‘Stranger Things’ on Netflix or buying that rubber chicken on Ebay but one thing is for certain… They are NOT searching for cryptocurrency yet!

We are in on the ground floor and the more people that realize this early on, the more this cryptocurrency market will rise throughout 2018…and rise dramatically!

How does the general population like cryptos? Let’s take a look!

Sorry guys but this is not a bubble! If something cant even beat out Amazon, Netflix, Ebay, or even Donald trump, how can it be called a bubble? Let’s look at this ‘bubble’ compared to 2008.

Are people searching for a ‘Cryptocurrency crash’?

Compared to they way people searched for financial crisis in 2008, we have not even come close to being remotely concerned just yet. The only thing I see is that some people thing that Bit coin is in a bubble. You can see this by looking at the little yellow line.

However, if you look at a chart, you will see that BTC is not in a bubble. It has just moved up so fast, it needs to pause for a month or two so it has room to breath and bring on new investors.

People are just just not searching for it. This means that either people don’t care or that it’s actually NOT a bubble. You decide.

If cryptocurrency is not in a bubble, then what should I buy?

I can’t advise you on that. What I can do is post some stats here. Enjoy!

I looked at other assets and still found Ripple to be the most searched coin lately.

Ripple can’t be the only one that is worth anything. What else is good?

Here are 4 links to help. This is just my idea. I am not giving financial advice. Don’t trade with money you can’t afford to lose. Any type of trading is not suitable for all investors and you can lose all of your money if you are not careful.

Simply click on any one of these titles to learn more.



Happy Trading!














The featured image for this post was pulled directly from I did not create it and I don’t know who did. If it is you and you can prove it, I will give you credit for it.