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The #1 problem with Robots and Binary Options

The #1 problem with Robots and Binary Options

PROOF that robots and Binary Options may not work as advertised

Don’t let the title mislead you. Robots CAN work but the way they are advertised on the internet will not work with binary options like they work in forex, futures, and stocks. It is mathematically impossible.

Before you finish reading this, you will have some proof that you can store in your quiver of knowledge that will hopefully help you become a more informed trader. This article covers only 2 main points:

  • Why binary options robots won’t work for the masses
  • How to get a binary option robot to actually work as advertised

Let’s dive into ‘Common Sense’.

If you scan through Google and type any term related to binary options and robots, you will see all of these big and fancy advertisements about how great these robots are. I call foul. I think all of these websites promoting this are fake and I think I can prove it by using a little bit of common sense.

This common sense is something that will create a new neural pathway in your brain because once you see it, you can never unsee it.

Common Sense is not so common.


If you don’t know what common sense means, then just imagine the following scenario… A School bus was carrying 347 kids to school. Every kid had brought a suitcase and a bicycle onto the interior of the bus. If someone told you this story, would you believe them? Probably not.

Why wouldn’t you believe them? Because you have stored information in your mind, over the years, that tells you how to know if something is true or false. You already know that a bus can’t carry 347 kids because it is too small. Just maybe it could if they were squeezed onto the bus.

Throw in the bicycles and suitcases though and now you KNOW that this story is fake because it just couldn’t happen. There are too many kids and objects to fit onto the bus. You have no reason to think otherwise.

This is called ‘Using your common sense’.

If it’s too good to be true, it probably is.

My dad kept telling me this as a kid. I think he said it so much that it may have hurt me into critiquing everything I see in life. However, I am so glad I learned this lesson at an early age. It has saved me lots of heartache.

When I was 18 years old, I thought I was going to be the next huge millionaire! I had paid $250 for a kit to sell Prepaid Phone cards, in a Multi-Level Marketing Ploy. This concept, at the time, seemed like the easiest money of all time. It wasn’t.

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OK, Let’s continue with our little conversation here….

When I was about 25, I got involved in a sham company that promised riches. They were going to invest in a business deal I had. Jamie Foxx was even involved… so they said. DISCLAIMER – He wasn’t actually involved. They just told me he was, which was total hogwash!

It wasn’t until I paid the start-up fee of $3,000 that I realized I was going to get nothing in return. I was even questioned by the FBI into the validity of this scam.

If it seems too good to be true, just use common sense and ask yourself, ” What’s in it for the companies that are proposing these robots? Not all trading robots are fake. There are many that work. In binary options, however, this is probably not the case and you are about to find out why.

Two Different Binary Options Models

binary options model

In binary options, You have 2 different models, the Exchange Model, and the Broker Model. Do you know the difference?

The ‘EXCHANGE’ Model is when you are trading through an exchange. You trade against other traders and market makers. The exchange doesn’t make money on your trades. Rather, they make money from the commissions you pay.

The ‘BROKER’ model is when you are trading against your broker. There are no other participants. These have been scrutinized and are currently being shut down left and right, due to their fraudulent nature. Here are a couple of links to back up these statements.

To find out more about binary options fraud…

All you need to do is type in a few search terms into Google, such as:

  1. Binary Options Fraud
  2. CFTC Binary Options
  3. Binary Options Scam

Look in the ‘NEWS’ section, instead of the general search query. By using the news function, you may still see bullcrap articles but it is a line of defense. Use your common sense by looking at where the news comes from. Is it a reputable source?

binary option fraud

So what is The #1 problem with Robots and Binary Options

This is liquidity. Do you know what liquidity is or how it affects the markets? Basically, there are only so many trades to go around and once this number reaches maximum capacity, then n no more trades can be taken, in the REAL WORLD.

Let’s assume for a minute, that we have found a binary options robot that works. The picture You will see below is undoubtedly something that doesn’t work but just pretend for a minute. Maybe you see an ad that looks like this…

binary option fraud 2

Do you see where it says 83% Win rate? In most broker models, the trades are ATM or ‘At the Money’, which means that you are risking 50 to make 50 in an ideal world. Most brokers make you risk 60 to make 40 but that’s a story for another day. Let’s look at this 83% win rate.

First off, in the exchange model, the 83% win rate is fine because you can take ITM or ‘In the Money’ trades. There is still the issue with liquidity. Let’s break down the math…

Out of 10,000 potential trades per year, 8,300 are winners.

1,700 trades are losers.

If 10,000 people trade this robot, this means that the broker is losing 8,300 trades and winning 1,700 trades, while the trader is winning 8,300 trades and losing 1,700 trades.

Let’s pretend that each trade is worth $100.

If the robot, pictured above, actually works as promised, the broker is losing $830,000 and winning $170,000 for a net yearly loss of -$660,000

(CLICK HERE) to find an example of how to know if a strategy works or not.


Why would a broker promote or even allow a robot that did this type of damage to their business? The short answer is they would not do this. There is not enough money to go around and if a business is not profitable, they can’t continue to operate.

Here is a picture (It looks more like a government redacted document) that shows you that the brokers are actually pitching this junk.

binary option fraud 3

I pulled this picture directly from one of the largest binary options brokers out there. So here is the question… WHY WILL THEY PROMOTE SOMETHING THAT WILL LOSE THEM MASSIVE AMOUNTS OF MONEY?

In short, they would not do this. It’s financial suicide. It’s crap unless I am proven wrong and so far, I have not been.

Will Robots work on a Binary Options Exchange?

Again, No! Not like everyone thinks they will. Here is why:

We know that in the exchange model, you are trading against other traders and market makers, instead of the exchange. This gives robots a big advantage but there is still liquidity to worry about. If you don’t have enough people willing to take the other side of your trade, it’s a moot point.

Watch this short video and you will see why.

Think of it this way… If a local produce seller has 10 baskets of apples and wants to sell them all, he can only sell the apples he has. He can’t sell 11 baskets because he doesn’t own that much. If this guy found out that there was some type of algo system that would ensure he lost money, he would change the price of his apples or choose a different business to be in altogether.

How can I find a Robot that will work with Binary Options?

The ONLY way to ensure you have a remote chance of finding a robot that will work is if there is a liquidity factor built in. For instance, let’s pretend I am building a binary options robot (Which I am, BTW). Let’s also assume that the liquidity is a factor that I have to account for. I will need to

I will need to only allow a certain number of traders to use it so that they don’t dry up liquidity as a whole!

Market makers WILL NOT continue to make markets if they start losing money so limiting the number of people using it is a key factor.

Just Be aware.

Cantor Exchange and Nadex Robots?

As of the writing of this article on 8/07/2017, no robots exist for Nadex and Cantor Exchange. Anyone who says they have one for Nadex is actuallly breaking the Nadex Terms of Service and will be shut down soon. I am not aware of any robots for Cantor Exchange that are currently available.

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4 Simple Steps: MT4 Alerts for Email or SMS

4 Simple Steps: MT4 Alerts for Email or SMS

If you follow, step by step, you will be able to set up push notifications and email notifications for Meta Trader 4. Don’t make this confusing because it is really simple.

mt4 email sms push notifications

***Watch the video below***

***Watch the video above***

mt4 email sms push notifications


Step 1 – Use Gmail as your email provider.

Gmail is a widely used email client and it is one of the few that works properly with MT4. There are 2 important things to remember:

DO NOT set Up 2 step verification or this process will not work.

ALLOW Less Secure Apps

How to ‘Allow Less Secure Apps’:

Sign into your Gmail account.

Click on this URL 

Scroll down and turn on less secure apps. Disable 2 step verification, as well.

mt4 email sms push notifications mt4 email sms push notifications

Step 2 – Enter Credentials in your MT4 Account.

Click CTRL+O on your Mt4 Terminal and this window will pop up. Click on the email tab.

In the picture below, ‘YOUR email address and YOUR email password are your Gmail address and Gmail password. MT4 needs this to post signals to your email account.

mt4 email sms push notifications

Click OK to save your settings.

Step 3 – Click ‘TEST’ to check your configuration.

mt4 email sms push notifications

mt4 email sms push notifications

Step 4 – Check your email. You should have a test email.

Your Email Alerts are now setup so you can begin receiving alerts on your signals from the Trader Tool Suite or any other alert you want.

FOR PUSH ALERTS to your Phone:

This is Super Simple!

Step 1 – Simply download MT4 and find your Metaquotes ID.

mt4 email sms push notifications

Step 2 – Open your MT4 Terminal. Click CTRL+O to enter your ID.

mt4 email sms push notifications

Step 3 – Check your phone for the test message.

mt4 email sms push notifications

That’s All, Folks!

You should be all set!


4 Ways to get your “Mojo” back in Trading

4 Ways to get your “Mojo” back in Trading

We have all been there and it is one of the most horrible feelings of all. You may awake in the morning, not wanting to get out of bed, and somehow make yourself open up your trading charts. You place a trade and BOOM!… Big fat loser. You place another trade… another loser. You get pissed off and try again, only to realize another loser.

Chasing the market and making horrible decisions becomes the normal routine. Nothing works.

You begin to second guess yourself and thoughts of doubt start to enter your mind. You feel low and horrible and might even yell at your kids for no reason. Have no fear… There is help coming in this article.

You will learn the following:

  1. How to accept your bad Mojo
  2. How to turn your bad mojo into awesome mojo

The First MOJO leap! #1

Maybe you don’t believe in meditation but take 40 minutes out of your day and give it a shot. What can it hurt? If you really… and I mean REALLY have lost your mojo, you will try almost anything so go grab some headphones. Take your ego and put it aside for a few minutes.

Whether you listen to the meditation I made or any other one on the internet is your choice. Maybe you want to sit in a quiet place, in silence, for a while. This is OK as well. Just take some time to clear your thoughts.

Why do I need to meditate?

Studies done, at Massachusetts General Hospital and Harvard Medical School, prove that meditation is associated with decreased stress, decreased depression, anxiety, pain and insomnia, and an increased quality of life.

They also found long term meditators form more gray matter in the frontal cortex of the brain, which is associated with working memory and executive decision making. It only takes 8 weeks for changes to take place.

Even the placebo effect is something to think about. Even if meditation did nothing in reality, but you thought it did, and therefore felt better… then what’s the problem? I meditate several times per week and usually do it near bed time. It helps with a great nights sleep.

How about getting off your rear for a while? #2

ryan walkingWhile I was writing this article, I decided to take a walk around the block. I only walked about a mile but it made my mind more alert and my body became awake. This walk was super nice and made me feel like working instead of sleeping. When you get your heart pumping, its a wonder how you start feeling better.

Improved self-esteem is a key benefit of physical activity. When you exercise, your body releases endorphins that interact with the receptors in your brain that reduce your perception of pain.

Endorphins also trigger a positive feeling in the body, similar to that of morphine. That feeling, known as a “runner’s high,” can be accompanied by a positive and energizing outlook on life.

In trading, when we lose our mojo, we lose everything. We can not think straight and there seems nowhere to turn. Maybe you have even asked yourself, ” Have I lost it forever?” No, you big silly goat face, you have not lost it forever! Go take a walk!

The Mojo Rubber Band! #3

You always have to monitor your thoughts. If you find yourself thinking, ” I suck!” or “Will I always be this way?”, then you need to change that perspective fast! There is an old saying that states,

‘You become what you think about most of the time.”

This is so true! If you are thinking negative thoughts, you are going to feel crappy. If you think happy thoughts, you will feel good. It is IMPOSSIBLE to think thoughts that make you happy and feel bad at the same time.

I carry around a rubber band, or keep one close by. Whenever I begin to feel bad, start to think negative thoughts, start to lose my mojo, etc… I will place the rubber band on my wrist and snap it real hard. This hurts and it snaps me out of that bad place. It works for me as a trigger.

This ‘snapping effect is 3 fold:

  1. It ‘Snaps’ me out of whatever I was thinking.
  2. It allows me to realize that life is actually good.
  3. My thoughts begin to change when I change my perspective.

How do you get your own Mojo Trigger?

A trigger is something that you associate with. It may take some time to develop but you start with something that is jolting to you. Maybe it is an air horn. Maybe something that would jolt you will be a slap in the face. It needs to be something that will jar your mind out of that crappy thought pattern for just a split second.

Anthony Robbins calls this a Pattern Interrupt. You are interrupting your pattern of self-doubt and replacing it with a new thought that is positive.

When you snap your rubber band, instantly replace that bad thought with a new empowering thought. I will take you through a scenario…

Pretend you are thinking some nasty, bad thoughts. Snap your rubber band. Instantly, your mind will say, “OUCH!” When this occurs, replace that bad thought with a good one such as, ” I am unstoppable!” and really feel it. Really mean it.

Doing this over and over WILL change your long term thought pattern.

Take a mini 3 Hour Vacation to get your Mojo Back! #4

It’s Friday. You ain’t got no plans. Get away this weekend, just you and God. Go somewhere that has made you feel empowered in the past. My place is Corona Del Mar Beach, here in Southern California.

Every time I go to this beach, there is a spot where I sit and listen to the waves, watch my kid play, and just enjoy the view that my creator has provided for me.

There is something about the sound of waves crashing and the feel of the air that sets me in a great mood.

The most important thing is that I clear my thoughts….

I have meditated about 3,000 times in my life and after every session, I feel rejuvenated and relaxed… Every single time! so this method works for me. Doing it at the beach, however, adds a special amount of awesome! Not to mention the fact that I get to play at the beach for the rest of the day!

Get Away from your Screen!!! #5

When you have lost your Mojo, the LAST thing you need to be doing is trading! To trade, whilst losing thy mojo is equivalent to flying a plane when you are drunk. You will crash and burn every time! Sitting in front of your screen trying to make a trade happen is no good.

Take an hour, a day, a week and get your head on straight. During the time you are trying to get your mojo back, you should not place one single trade. The market will always be here when you get back.

Don’t even study during this time because your mind will not retain the information anyway. You should have nothing to do with trading… at all… until you get your mind in working order.

There are also a few other times when you should not be trading and those can be found (By Clicking Here!)

The 5 Steps of Non-Mojoishness

  • You don’t feel like trading today.
  • Feelings of doubt start entering your mind.
  • Depression sets in.
  • You get sick of this bull crap!
  • You decide to get your mojo back!

My anti-mojo behavior comes from a disease known as GAD or General Anxiety Disorder so I have to battle this quite often, usually about twice per year. You can read more about this disorder (By Clicking Here!) and you will see some other steps I take in my own life.

How to know when you have your Mojo back!

When you are feeling down and think that there is no way out of this dark pit of junk you are in, just know that nothing last forever. Everything in life is temporary. We make strides and fall back a bit from time to time. This is just the ebb and flow of life.

All you have to do is decide. A rock solid decision to get your mojo back doesn’t take long. It’s actually something that happens in a moment. When this happens and you are 100% determined to get it back, it will arrive in less than 24 hours if you are proactive about it.

Follow the steps above and see how quickly you can become the awesome trader you were meant to be! When you do, you will feel on top of the world again… unstoppable… and in control of your destiny!

The above picture could be called, ‘The Nacho Libre pose for awesome Mojo’! LOL

When you finally have it back, go ahead and flip the ‘ON’ switch on your computer and attack the market once again!

Forex Versus Binary Options – Three Subtle Facts You Need to Know!

Forex Versus Binary Options – Three Subtle Facts You Need to Know!

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I will even include links to further describe how everything works. In fact, I will give you a free book at the end, as a ‘Thank You’ for learning more about this industry.

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5 Times when you SHOULD NOT be trading!

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We all love trading… Watching the charts like a man scientist awaiting his secret formula to mix and create this superb solution that will be the cure to all ailments worldwide is how many of us spend our day. We are locked in some deep dark cave and have full concentration on the markets.

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