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We are not just 4 guys who run a trading room. TraderBot Marketplace thrives because every client becomes family. We are ALL a team and have a great time trading and talking about the markets with each other every day. Whether you are a founder, a client, contracted labor, or a free viewer from Facebook, we treat everyone equal here.

Not too many trading groups have clients that make thousand of pips each month. Even fewer groups have clients that call them, just to tell the owners about their lives. We have a genuine connection with our clients that is unheard of in this industry. I guess that’s why we have 5-star reviews all over the place!

RYAN HERRON - Binary Option Software

Irvine, California Office

Welcome to Sunny California and the home of Ryan Herron! Our specialty is observing and capitalizing on probability arbitrage (Buying Binary Options Contracts for less than the probabilities suggest).


TERRY CASH - Forex Software & Tools

Spartanburg, SC Office

Terry is fantastic at working with clients to better optimize forex trades. Special software is used daily to take advantage of the fluctuations in the price of the foreign exchange market.


CHRIS ARNOLD - Strategy Development & Robots

Keller, Texas Office

Follow along as Chris guides you in developing profitable trading strategies. Most of the hard work is done because he will help you get your own robot up and running.


MATTHEW RENNER - Programming & Technology

Winston-Salem, NC Office

Matthew specializes in technology. He is the brains behind the tools. Whether you are looking for the Tool Suite or the Robots, He has played a very important role here.

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